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Germany x Reader L-O-V-E
Germany x Reader
Just a cute little song fic based on a fantasy of mine. I feel that it’s a little bit ooc but meh.
Tonight was Ludwig’s and your   4th wedding anniversary. Both of you agreed to have a small celebration at home, seeing that there was no point throwing a big party for year 4, but a nice dinner and watch your wedding videos.  As for the gifts, they promised to also keep it simple, but Ludwig loved you too much to keep that promise.
You were cooking some bratwurst to go with the cabbage and the käse spätzel. You would also imported beer that was saved for special occasion. Since both of you lived alone, you always played your grandparents record with catchy songs from their era.  Sometimes when Ludwig caught you dancing in the kitchen, he would join you. But l
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Tails' Nightmare
It was late one night in Knothole Village.  Sonic the Hedgehog was fast asleep in bed after a hard day’s work of fighting Robotnik and his evil creations in the city of Robotropolis.  When suddenly, he was awoken but what sounded like a distant scream.  To him it sounded very much like Tails.  Quickly he jumped out of bed, into his shoes and sped off towards Tails' hut.
Inside the hut, Sonic found Tails tossing and turning in his sleep.
“Nooooo!  Sonic!  HEEEEEELLLLLLP!” he cried out.
Sonic grabbed Tails’ shoulders and shook him hard.
“Tails!  Wake up!  Snap out of it!”
Tails opened his eyes and saw Sonic there looking right at him.
“Sonic?!” he said.
“It’s okay, big guy,” Sonic told him.  “You were just having a bad dream.”
But Tails didn't calm down.  Instead he began to weep.
“You (sniff) told me you didn’t (sniff) want me anymore.  You thr
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Sonamy Boom: Eternal or Evanescent
Eternal or Evanescent
It's the middle of the night and she's trying to sleep. It's impossible for her. With her head and palm resting onto his bare muscular chest, she's simultaneously looking up at the ceiling in the dark. Not entirely dark though; the only source of light is the moonlight gleaming through her window. She couldn't help but to wonder—if her love is truly real.
About a few hours ago, they both committed themselves into stage two of romance. Although just because they physically proved to one another about how much they love each other, doesn't mean she felt her newly-found romance is serious. Is it just for lust? Is it really ardent? She's really confused.
At first, she was afraid of his reaction regarding to her feelings for him. Throughout her time, ever since she first met him, she worries about him not reciprocating her feelings. If he claims he never loved her back, she wouldn't know what to do. She hates being rejected. She hates being alone. Her emotional a
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Antisocial Romance (Germany x Reader) Part three
Today, sucked.
You and Ludwig had been continuing with the lessons for almost a month now, and several of the teachers and even your father commented on your positive upturn in mood. Though the thought of some guy being the cause of your pleasing change was rather strange for you, you really couldn't deny that it was true.
Ludwig actually made you happy.
Not to say that you were depressed before, because you weren't. Though you weren't exactly a yippy skippy person either.
You started off the morning in a better mood than usual, and even wore some clothes that, well, actually fit. It wasn't like you didn't enjoy wearing fitting clothes, but you'd much rather wear a pair of big jeans with a belt and big t-shirt than skinny jeans with a fitting tank top. Today however, you decided to change it up a bit.
You wore a pair of white pants that fit you rather nicely, and a violet top that hugged your middle. You admired yourself in the mirror for a moment in satisfaction before dashing out to
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So when I want to check out my notifications, they won't show up. Can anyone help me (please comment on what I should do)
i hope all of you have a great christmas and happy holidays🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎅🎅🎅🎅


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